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SICK Sensors is one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. SICK is a technology and market leader in Factory and Logistics Automation as well as Process Automation. At Airpower we are committed to investing all of our expertise to provide you with the very best sensors and system solutions.

SICK sensor systems simplify and optimize processes and allow for sustainable production. Sick is a renowned expert in many industries, and is entirely familiar with the critical challenges that they face. While speed, accuracy and availability take centre stage in all industries, technical implementations vary greatly. We use our vast experience to provide you with customised solutions

SICK Sensors – Photoelectric sensors


Sick’s vast range of Photoelectric sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology, creating market leading solutions with sensor intelligence. By using the latest ASIC and LED technologies, these sensors offer the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any interference factors. Additional sensor information can be used to simplify modern production processes. This extensive range of photoelectric sensors is used in many automation applications around the world. The SICK range includes Miniature Photoelectricm Sensors, Small Photoelectric Sensors, Compact Photoelectric Sensors, Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors and Fibers, and Multitask Photoelectric Sensors.


SICK Sensors – Proximity Sensors


Proximity sensors provide non-contact detection of a wide variety of object and media. Sick’s sensors are perfectly suited to industrial applications and requirments. Sick’s inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors offer a long service life, extreme ruggdness and the utmost precision. Sick sensors intelligently and reliably solve industry-specific and individual automoation tasks. The SICK range includes Inductive proximity Sensors, Capacitive Proximity Sensors and Magnetic Proximity Sensors.



SICK Sensors – Opto-Electronic Protective Devices


Opto-Electronic Protective Devices from Sick are the first choice for maximum machine and system productivity. Unlike fences and doors, they do not disrupt handling and material transport and allow a better view into the machine room. Sick’s comprehsive porfolio is ideal for hazardous point protection, and hazardous area protection. Sick’s proprietary interface EFI, offers additional process optimization. The SICK range includes Safety Laser Scanners, Safety Camera Systems, Safety Light Curtains, Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices, Single Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches.




SICK Sensors – Safety Switch


Safety switches are encountered at many locations where safety is demanded for people and machinery. They are used for protecting mobile separative protective devices, the position determination of dangerous movements and the safe stop function. The portfolio is divided into three groups: Electro-mechanical and non-contactsafety switches and safety command devices. In conjunction with sens:Control – safe control solutions, Sick offers ideal complete soloutions from a single source. Electro-mechanical safety switches monitor mobile separative protective devices economically and reliably. The portfolio contains the following four product groups: safety position switches, safety hinge switches, safety switches with separate actuator as well as safety locking devices. This range of variants means the appropriate solutions are available for different applications. In conjunction with sens:Control – safe control solutions, SICK offers ideal complete solutions from a single source. The SICK range includes Electro-Mechanical Safety Switches, Non Contact Safety Switches, Safety Command Devices.



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