SCHUNK is the world’s No. 1 for clamping technology and gripping systems, from the smallest parallel gripper to the largest chuck jaw program. Airpower is the Offical Distribution Agent for Schunk in Ireland. As a competence leader, Schunk recognize and develop standards with a large potential for the future, which will drive rapid progress in many industries.





The PPG industrial gripper made history in 1983. The first standardized gripper was based on proven kinematics solutions for clamping technology. Due to this synergy concept, SCHUNK revolutionized automated handling and took a crucial step toward becoming a compentence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. With pioneering spirit and perfection Schunk continue to develop the gripping systems of the future. Schunk open up new possibilities for front ends in order to meet the ever demanding requirements of the industry. The results are superior, top-quality products that have been setting new standards for market-driven innovation for over 30 years. Today, Schunk benchmark products, efficient components, and solutions represent the largest range of products for industrial automation from a single source.

Make full use of your machine’s potential – with the extensive product portfolio from SCHUNK


SCHUNK, the leading expert for clamping technology and gripping systems, can now open up the full potential of your processing machines and production processes. Reduce costs by combining accurate, flexible workpiece machining with dynamic production automation. More emic efficiency for handling and assembly tasks due to the use of gripping modules, rotary and swivelling modules, linear modules, robot accessories, and modular assembly automation.

Schunk Clamping Technology


Schunk Lathe Chucks

Lathe Chucks – Schunk are able to place over 30 years of experience in the development and production of lathe chucks at your disposal.

At the factory in Mengen Schunk produce lathe chucks in world-renowned top quality for sophisticated machining operations. ROTA THW plus – Slashes set-up times for lathe chucks. Schunk’s unique modular center sleeve system enables you best flexibility without taking the chuck off the machine spindle!

ROTA NCO – For individual one-off applications. Our 3-jaw high-strength chuck without chuck bore combines maximum jaw travel with the ultimate in clamping force. Already a big hit on vertical lathes.

ROTA 2B – The two-jaw rock-solid chuck for high-power machining. Special features are maximum clamping force combined with large jaw travel and extremely rigid chuck base. Particularly popular in the manufacture of fittings and cast components.

ROTA-S plus – The leading manual chuck with innovative quick-jaw-change system. The large through hole as well as best T.I.R. and repeatability, make it for the turning and also for the stationary application to an flexible allrounder. SCHUNK lathe chucks place know-how derived from many years of experience at your disposal.

Continuous new and further development supports you in your work. All of SCHUNK´s newly released inovations in the toolholding and workholding segment can be viewed here.


Schunk Chuck Jaws

Proven quality standards and customers’ satisfaction have made Schunk the market leader in chuck jaws for many years. With over 1,200 different standard types for all current lathe chucks, SCHUNK also offers the world’s largest standard line of jaws. Of course, Schunk chuck jaws are manufactured only of high-grade steel and aluminum.

Whether you need modified standard jaws or custom-made special jaws – at SCHUNK you will always find the right solution! Decades of experience and competence in the development and manufacture of standard and specially designed jaws make us the ideal partner for all types of clamping technology tasks.

Ground groove and serration – quality that pays!

SCHUNK is the first manufacturer worldwide to grind the groove and the fine serration of its soft standard chuck jaws instead of milling them. This results in improved repeat accuracy when changing jaws and ensures lasting precision in the base jaw serration. In this way, your top jaws, base jaws, and lathe chucks are preserved – allowing you to save money. Ground serrations also improve clamping stability and the quality of the workpiece surfaces, for optimum machining results

Exclusively from SCHUNK:

Quentes fiberglass jaws – the velvet paws among chuck jaws!

SCHUNK is the only manufacturer to offer its customers the Quentes fiberglass jaws. These jaws made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic enable clamping on already ground or surface-treated surfaces, since they leave no clamping marks whatsoever on the clamping surface. In combination with the large looping angle of the turned Quentes on the workpiece, this ensures low-deformation clamping of the component.

The high coefficient of friction of 0.3 – 0.4 makes it possible to transfer high torques with low clamping forces. The supporting jaws of the Quentes fiberglass jaws are made of aluminum. This provides a clamping solution that – due to its low weight – also enables high machining speeds. When they wear out, Quentes clamping inserts can be replaced easily, quickly and at low cost. The Quentes fiberglass jaws are available and in stock in two different standard models for power chucks and quick-change chucks. Contact Airpower directly for more detailed information on the Quentes fiberglass jaws can be found

Serrated bars – make your own soft top jaws!

Another special product available only from SCHUNK are serrated bars, from which the customers can manufacture their own soft top jaws – easily, quickly and at low cost. The bars are available in steel or aluminum, with 90° and 60° fine serration and in a standard length of 420 mm. Of course, these bars also have a ground groove and serration for a longer service life of the base jaw and for high repeat accuracy when changing jaws. Contact Airpower for more information on serrated bars.

Schunk Grippers

Quality, reliability, precision

Schunk’s line of small components and universal gripper modules features high product quality, precision and diverse monitoring capabilities. The optimally graduated series covers the entire spectrum of workpiece sizes. A prerequisite for this state-of-the-art technology, which is “Made in Germany”, is Schunk’s never-ending innovative potential.

Strong arguments for gripper modules from SCHUNK:

  • Easy commissioning
  • High payload
  • Powerful kinematics for long service lifeschunk5
  • High gripping forces
  • Large stroke ranges for size of module
  • Economical solutions and short delivery times
  • Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic

All of SCHUNK´s newly released inovations in the Gripping Systems segment can be viewed here.

Pick and Place Unit

High-speed with precision
When performing pick & place operations, take advantage of the SCHUNK modular system which off ers system integrators, machine builders and users a high degree of design freedom, cost eff ectiveness, fl exibility and reliability with minimum planning, design and commissioning work. With the PPU-E Pick & Place Unit for automated assembly, SCHUNK has expanded this high-precision modular system.

Strong arguments for robot accessories from SCHUNK:

  • Repeat accuracy < 0.01 mm – maximum precision
  • No moving motor cables – no wear
  • Compact design – simple assembly and sandwich assembly
  • All in one – plug and play
  • Modularity – can be equipped individually

Rotary Modules

schunk6Swivel and rotary modules from SCHUNK – state-of-the-art technology for rotational movements
The rotary module product line from SCHUNK offers a complete spectrum of compact swivel and rotary units for every handling task – and for fast and easy integration. Internal media feed-through guarantees reliable performance and minimizes interference contours. Various sensor monitoring capabilities and multiple mounting options for all modules increases the flexibility during plant engineering.

Strong arguments for rotary modules from SCHUNK:

  • Short swiveling times
  • Continuously adjustable end positions
  • Lockable intermediate position
  • Fast and easy integration
  • Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic


Not in the rotary catalog included products you can find over the product-tree-structure, like e. g. SRU+ or SRU-mini

schunk7Linear Modules

SCHUNK – the world of linear technology

SCHUNK linear modules. The entire world of linear technology for high-speed automation from one source. Compact modular design for combination of a wide variety of different modules to form one overall system. Depending on the load range and required stroke length, diverse components are also available for demanding tasks.

Strong arguments for linear modules from SCHUNK:

  • Precise mini-slides
  • Exact positioning
  • Compact design
  • Pneumatic linear modules
  • High flexural strength
  • Specially designed for assembly and handling technology
  • High-strength gentry axes
  • High load capacity
  • Toothed-belt, ball screw or pneumatic drive
  • Dynamic axis modules
  • Servo-electric linear motor drive
  • Extremely fast and precise

schunk8Robot Accessories

Modular products for reliable connections

Robot accessories from SCHUNK include an extensive line of modules for the mechanical, sensor and power connections of handling modules and robots. Quick-change systems, rotary feed-throughs, anti-collision and overload devices, force sensors and compensation units and insertion units ensure optimum interplay between the robot arm and gripper.

Strong arguments for robot accessories from SCHUNK:

  • Extensive product line from one source
  • Suitable for nearly all robot types
  • Easy integration
  • Compact design
  • Series with optimized sizes

schunk9Modular Assembly Automation

Systematic Assembly Automation – As easy as a modular system

Flexible – Fast – Future-secure. This is the GEMOTEC system from SCHUNK. The comprehensive line of pneumatic and electric modules opens an unforeseen variety of combination possibilities. All actuators are compatible with each other. Where other companies still have to conduct design work, the GEMOTEC system is already assembled. Fast and straightforward.

  • The modules are technically adapted to each other.
  • Locating pins, centering bars, and sleeves ensure exact alignment.
  • Standardized adapter plates enable many combinations.


  • High repeat accuracy
  • Robust with minimal deflection


  • For handling only a few grams up to several kilos
  • Gripping, rotating, moving


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