Norgren Ireland

Norgren is a world leader in pneumatic and fluid control technologies. Norgren work closely with their customers to gain a deeper understanding of their engineering needs. By connecting people, products and expertise Norgren provide a clear advantage. This is what they call Engineering Advantage. Airpower has been Ireland’s leading distribution partner for the Norgren product range for over a decade. We provide technical expertise, great pricing, fast delivery and a dedicated after sales service.

Norgren offers a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, air preparation, fittings and valves. Proven product brands including Lintra, Excelon, Pneufit, Martonair, Enots, Herion, FAS and Buschjost make Norgren’s product portfolio one of the strongest in the industry. The Norgren product range is split across six product groupings.


Norgren ActuatorsNorgren actuator

Pneumatic actuators (sometimes called cylinders) are the product used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Linear and rotary output, they are available in all manner of sizes and styles to suit most requirements. Norgren has a long history of production of this kind of device – an early example of a pneumatic actuator was the original Martonair air hoist. Norgren now include rodded, rodless, compact, roundline, guided and other ranges. Customers can even still obtain the classic ranges – some available for over 60 years.

Norgren Air PreparationNorgren Air Prep

Correct air preparation is essential for best performance. Norgren has a great reputation in this area, and our ranges have been at the forefront of industry for many years. Whether simple or complex, Norgren offers a potential solution from one of many product ranges; individually mounted or in combination. Norgren’s air preparation product grouping includes combination groupings, filter regulators, filters, dryers, lubricators, pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, soft start dump valves.

Norgren Fittings, Tubing & AccessoriesNorgren Fittings

Fittings and tubing are absolutely essential to any pneumatic system, since nothing will operate without them. Norgren ranges still include the well established and respected Enots compression series. Also featured are those accessory products which can be easily forgotten but are vital to successful operation – ball valves, blow guns, quick release couplings and exhaust silencers.

Pressure SwitchesNorgren Pressure Switch

Pressure switches can be used to automatically monitor pressure levels in a compressed air system. They can however also be used for more complex monitoring functions in air, water or hydraulic applications. Norgren has a huge range of simple, strong mechanical switches – the 18D is one of the most recognisable switches of its type in the industry – and also easily programmable electronic switches.

Norgren VacuumNorgren Vacuum Pump

Vacuum is most commonly used for picking and placing components in assembly automation systems. Generated from a compresed air supply, this can be controlled very simply in order to perform most common tasks. The Norgren vacuum range includes a range of pumps, cups, switches and accessories; easily selected and applied.

Norgren Valves Norgren Valves

In industrial automation, valves can be as simple or complex as required. Norgren has one of the worlds largest ranges of valve ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years. Norgren has many brand names associated with our valve ranges – Herion, Buschjost, Walter, FAS, Webber, Watson Smith, Maxseal, Enots and Martonair to name but a few.


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