SMC Pneumatics Ireland

SMC is recognised all over the world as a leading supplier in Pneumatic Technology. At Airpower, we are proud to represent SMC as an official distribution partner here in Ireland. This partnership allows us to distribute the SMC product range at prices that cannot be matched by others in the Irish market place.


SMC Pneumatics Ireland Overview

SMC provides a wide range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment to various industry segments, and is recognized as a global leader in the automation industry. The SMC product ranges include air cylinders, grippers, slide tables, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, air preparation equipment, dryers, and high purity products.  In fact, the product catalogue includes 17 volumes. Here is a concise overview of the SMC product range.


SMC Pneumatics: Actuators & Air Cylinders

Actuator and air cylinder designs from SMC offer innovative pneumatic cylinder design features for the automation industry. Engineers trust SMC actuators to provide long life, and reliable service. SMC products are specified in all major industrial markets. SMC actuators are created to provide you with the largest array of choices.

Air Cylinder Features

Our standard air cylinder features include:

  • a wide range of bore sizes, with 16 ‘inch’ bore sizes and 18 ‘metric’ bore sizes
  • multiple mounting configurations and
  • auto switch capability as a standard on most series.

SMC products are designed for precision performance and reliability. SMC’s global production facilities provide product availability from all industrialized countries around the world. Pneumatic and electric actuator products from SMC are available in a wide variety of styles, including linear, guided, rodless air cylinders, rotary, gripper, and specialty air cylinders. Whether pneumatic or electric actuators, each series comes with a full complement of standard options and related products.


SMC Pneumatics: Airline Equipment

Pressure Regulators, Filters, Filter Regulator Units, and Pressure Sensors with Energy Efficient Designs

SMC’s airline equipment provides unsurpassed sensing, regulation and filtration performance for your pneumatic system. With our large range of pneumatic preparation products, we can provide the clean dry air necessary to achieve the peak performance required by your fluid power system. Our connectors simplify the plumbing of all your components. SMC’s innovative one-touch and uni-thread one touch fitting technology provides dramatic time savings during the installation of both air fittings and pneumatic flow controls. We offer many variations and sizes to suit any application. Tubing is made in several sizes and packaged in a variety of lengths.




SMC Pneumatics: Pneumatic Tube Fittings, One Touch Tube Fittings, Air Cylinder Speed Controls, PTFE Fittings and Tubing

The SMC connector line includes inch and metric one touch fittings, fitting manifolds, and pneumatic tubing available in multiple colors, sizes, and materials:

  • Comprehensive line of inch or metric sized fittings, speed controllers, and tubing
  • Includes clean room options and a broad set of specialized fitting and pneumatic tubing options
  • Integrates one-touch fitting technology in both pneumatic fittings and speed controls
  • Provides stainless steel fitting and brass fitting options
  • Improves energy consumption, by providing lower pressure return stroke options
  • Air cylinder speed control is critical to the longevity of your machine operation

SMC is your single source option for all of your pneumatic fitting, tubing, and air cylinder speed control needs.

SMC Pneumatics: Electrical Products

Including Electronic Pressure Regulators, Vacuum Flow Switches and Pressure Sensors

SMC provides multiple options for pneumatic solutions such as electronic regulators, pressure switches, flow switches, and vacuum flow switches.


SMC Pneumatics: Vacuum Generators, Vacuum Suction Cups, Vacuum Sensor Switches, and Vacuum Regulators from SMC

SMC vacuum products offer comprehensive options for vacuum applications. Compact, lightweight air vacuum generators are available in a wide range of sizes and performance ranges.

Vacuum regulator units, vacuum cups, vacuum buffers, vacuum sensor switches, fittings and vacuum instrumentation solutions allow the broadest utilization of technology and performance to meet your design specifications. Most options are modular allowing you to add only those that are relevant to your application. SMC vacuum cups are available in many different materials, sizes and shapes, and include options like stroke buffers to ensure that a perfect fit is made for each application. The diverse performance characteristics of SMC vacuum products allow utilization in a wide array of applications from manufacturing, packaging, assembly, to material handling. Precision combined with performance and a full line of accessories offers a comprehensive engineering solution to meet your specific need.


SMC Pneumatics: Air Dryers

Compressed air contains moisture (water vapor, droplets), oil, debris and other foreign matter. Filters and mist separators can be used to remove droplets, oil, debris and so on, but a dryer is necessary to remove water vapor.

SMC air dryers are insurance for down stream components, and in the long run, allow for sustainable performance/production for an end customer.


Temperature Control Equipment

SMC’s line of temperature control equipment utilizes best-in-class technologies to accomplish the exact temperature ranges and stability desired by our customers. Our chillers and thermo-control units have proven performance in a wide range of applications.


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