Airpower’s Partner, Schmalz releases Cost-Effective Alternative to Suction Pads

Schmalz has developed new vacuum blocks for use with the CNC wood machining tools manufactured by the Italian company Biesse. The suction pads represent a genuine alternative to original replacement suction pads for a number of reasons: Not only are they extremely robust and able to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position, they also offer excellent value for money.


The new vacuum blocks VCBL-B for console systems from Biesse are compatible with the original suction pads and are just as easy to fix in the machine’s suction block mount. Instead of having to pay for the costly replacement of the entire vacuum block in the event of collision, wear or other damage, this innovation from Schmalz means it is possible to simply replace the suction plates. In conventional systems, the entire vacuum block has to be replaced. The solution from Schmalz therefore reduces the cost of spare parts, and means the machines are soon ready for operation again after only a short interruption.


The housing for the vacuum block VCBL-B is made from extremely durable plastic to provide optimum stability. This enables the suction pad to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position even when high forces are at play – a further important benefit in the timber industry where the workpieces being handled are often very large and heavy. The new suction pads from Schmalz thus facilitate reliable processing of all kinds of workpieces within very tight tolerances.


The suction plate features a special contour with a flexible sealing lip. This enables optimum adjustment to the workpiece surface and ensures effective vacuum distribution. The fitting process is simple: The suction pads are inserted in the required position in the standard mounts from Biesse. Clamping straps on the vacuum block ring ensure they are securely fixed in the suction block mount. The vacuum block is also equipped with strong magnets for additional pretensioning in the mount. The smooth-running, plastic sensing valve activates the vacuum automatically and gently for the workpiece. Unused suction pads can remain in the mount.


The suction pads VCBL-B from Schmalz are available in heights of 29 and 48 mm for 3 and 4-axis machines and 74 mm for 5-axis machines. They come in sizes 140 x 130, 125 x 75, 120 x 50 and 130 x 30 mm and, depending on the version, can be up to 30 percent cheaper than comparable products on the market.