2/2 Port Valve (direct operated)

2/2 port valve
2/2 port valve

2/2 Port Valve (direct operated)


This 2/2 port valve is designed to operate with air, water, oil*, steam, vacuum and many other fluids.

Our direct acting VC 2/2 port valves are made for air, steam, water, heated water, and oil. The VX range can either be individually ported or manifold based and can operate with many different fluids. Available port sizes in VX series, range from 1/8” to 2”. The process valve family now includes the VXE energy saving process valve, which offers reduced power consumption.



Operating positions for 2-port valves can be either shut (closed) so that no flow at all goes through, fully open for maximum flow, or sometimes partially open to any degree in between. Many valves are not designed to precisely control intermediate degree of flow; such valves are considered to be either open or shut.


Product info


2/2 Port valve suitable for air, water, oil and steam

Corrosion resistant, SUS type

Enclosure is IP 65 rated

Conforms to UL94Vo flame resistant standards

Low noise and energy efficient product

Available in N.C./N.O.0C.O.

Port sizes ¼” to 1”, 10mm to 25mm orifice


* Oil specifications does not include flammable oils such as petrol or diesel.


For full technical specifications please download the following PDF:

VXZ Tech Specs