Innovations in Pneumatics and Sensors in Ireland

In this weeks blog, we focus on some recently released product innovations in pneumatics and sensors which are soon to be released in the Irish market.

First up, we take a look at pneumatics manufacturer Festo, who have just launched a spectacular energy saving product for compressed air preparation and connection technology.



A World first: Saving Energy has never been so easy!


More than just monitoring and analysis the MSE6-E2M actively intervenes. The MSE6-E2M immediately reduces compressed air consumption because it automatically shuts off the supply air as soon as a system enters its standby mode. If there are leaks, then pressure loss is prevented. When the supply air is shut off, leakages downstream are evaluated and determined subject to predefined criteria. The energy efficiency module can be seamlessly integrated into service units from the MS6 series. The main functions of the MSE6-E2M include a shut-off valve, a flow sensor, a pressure sensor and a PROFIBUS node. It is additionally equipped with measurement, control and diagnostic functions which permit simple system monitoring at the PLC via the fieldbus node.

Energy savings in compressed air systems are automated for the first time ever. The intelligent energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M fully automatically monitors and regulates the compressed air supply in new and existing systems. It actively shuts off the supply air in the standby mode, detects and reports leakages and is equipped to monitor process-relevant data online.

 This world first enables you to save compressed air and energy in your system. The energy efficiency module is a completely new, intelligent combination of service units, sensors and fieldbus technology. It fully automatically monitors and regulates the compressed air supply.

3 core functions:

  • Automatic shut-off of the compressed air in stand-by mode
  • Automatic detection and notification of leakages
  • Online monitoring of process-relevant data

Demonstrating their capacity as market leaders in both pneumatics and sensors technology,  Festo have just released an exciting innovation in vision sensor technology. Vision sensors SBSI: image processing made easy. The vision sensors SBSI are distinguished by high performance and fast detection algorithms. Yet their design is simpler than that of complex vision systems – their intuitive software make parameterisation child’s play. Checking product quality and reading codes. The SBSI-B range reads 1D and 2D codes such as data matrix codes. Even directly applied codes, for example laser printed on PCBs or embossed into metal, are readily recognised. Or, as SBSI-Q object sensors, they quality inspect parts, e.g. by checking for completeness and for correct positioning


  • All-in-one device with optics, lighting, evaluation and communication.
  • Simple and intuitive: just 3 or 4 steps to the ideal solution.
  • Powerful, fast software tools.
  • 360° position tracking, no need to align mechanical parts.
  • External lighting provided by the new SBAL range can be directly connected – Festo plug and work.
Festo Sensors and vision systems
  • Simple and efficient: the vision sensor SBSI makes life easy for beginners too.
  • Simple camera applications can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively without expert knowledge!
  • Powerful software tools and 360° parts tracking ensure top results.


Next up in this weeks pneumatics and sensors blog we take a look at some recently released products by Sick sensors. From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers. As a technology and market leader, SICK provides sensors and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment.

Pneumatics and Sensors Blog


PowerProx: The new home of the pneumatics and sensors range. For the first time, the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor offers all the advantages of time-of-flight technology in the world’s smallest housing – and at a high detection speed. PowerProx reliably detects fast-moving objects, small and flat objects, and dark black or shiny objects at sensing ranges between 5 cm and 3.8 m. For even more flexibility, up to eight switching points can be defined via IO-Link. The four variants – “Distance”, “Speed”, “Precision”, and “Small” – are designed for use in a range of applications. As a result, PowerProx isn’t just the best solution, it also offers the right solution for your requirements: from occupied bay and clearance detection, rapid counting, and precise edge detection to use in handling and assembly applications.


Your Benefits

  • Reliable object detection over large sensing ranges, e.g., even with shiny or jet-black surfaces and background reflections
  • Highly visible light spot simplifies alignment of the photoelectric proximity sensor
  • Precise and simple adjustment with potentiometer or teach-in button
  • Eye-safe thanks to laser class 1
  • Extremely reliable and durable. Rugged even under high mechanical loads thanks to VISTAL™ housing.
  • Smallest housing of its kind worldwide offers great flexibility in terms of machine design
  • IO-Link extends functionality


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