Aircosse 3 HP 200L Piston Compressor

€1,100.00 €859.99


Aircosse 3 HP 200L Piston Compressor

€1,100.00 €859.99+VAT

The Aircosse 3 horse power air compressor is a high-quality, robust compressor that’s built to last. With a power output of 11.3cfm, working pressure of 10 bar, and a generous 200 litre tank this compressor is ideal for all forms of industrial work shops, trade use, and general agricultural use. This Aircosse machine is perfect as an air source for powering air tools such as; Impact Wrenches, Grinders, Sanders, Spray Guns and Cutting tools.

Exclusive to Airpower, the 3 Horse-Power Aircosse Compressor represents great value at the introductory sale price of €699.This compressor will keep working long beyond similar machines built by other manufacturers.


Technical Specification

1NS18S, 200L, 10 Bar, 159 PSI, HP3 ,KW 2.2 ,RPM 1.100 ,V400, 66KG.


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